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VPS Hosting Features

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Dedicated Firewall

Each VPS has it’s dedicated firewall rules that define the allowed traffic¬† to and from the server, specific custom ports should be discussed before installation.

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Full Access

VPS is not managed servers unless other stated, Customers will have a full access to either RDP or SSH to their servers to carry on all management tasks, a dedicated IP will be provided also the required security keys to make sure only the owners have access.

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Live Alerts

Monitoring alerts could be configured to notify admins of any VPS outage.

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Setup, Configuration and Troubleshooting

HostPro offers to setup and configure almost all operating systems and configure simple to complex different software, also we will help customers if they stuck with ambiguous application behaviours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Private Servers for customers who have their own infrastructure or dont want to share any resources with other customers as in the shared hosting, VPS are hosted on the Cloud and fully secured by providers like Google, Microsoft or Amazon, VPS give the customers the freedom to choose what type of applications they want and what size of machines they need at the moment.

Migrating to different type of instance shouldn't be a problem it will just cost a couple of hours work to restore snapshots to the new machine, and then it should be ready to run on the new configurations.

VPS instances are hosted on a fully redundant infrastructure, not a single failure could affect the running machine or even could be noticed.

For heavy utilised web applications, a load balancer is recommended to avoid single point of failures also to facilitate all maintenance and testing tasks, and it's doable to be implemented as long servers are sharing the network segment.

Definitely, HostPro can help installing and configuring your hosts, and provide the required licences , then you will be handed the hosts access to start selling your products.