When hosting with HostPro shared or dedicated hosting the client will get the following added-values by default :

Cpanel hosting: the amazing control panel where customers can check their site usage, emails tracking, database management and more, it’s usually paid service in many hosting providers but with HostPro we include it in all packages.

more info about Cpanel:


Clients area: It’s the easiest way for managing the purchased products, add new products, renew expired products, review invoices, manage domains and more, it’s based on the recent hosting billing systems to make sure customers fully aware of their account details and to minimise their customer services calls.

check this post for more info about the client area:

Cloud Hosting: using the major public cloud hosting gives HostPro services the professional and sustainable performance that can guarantee more than 99% up-time without worry about any hardware failures or network interruptions that could happen in the traditional datacenters.

Some examples of the leading public cloud platforms the HostPro is using:

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

Website Installation and Customisation: Hostpro can help in giving the professional advice of selecting the suitable website, also we install and customise it professionally to meet different business needs.

Example of recent work:

Top Quality Construction Group

Professional Handling : finally when hosting with HostPro all products are installed and configured with a strict standards that makes our work looks and works the best way.

Using HostPro Services